Let's go to the mall today!
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 @ 6:46 PM | 1 heart(s)
High five if you know where this is from!

Hi! Summer in my country has officially started and the weather right now is really bipolar lately. I only spend my summer watching BTS Rookie King (I'm currently on EP 5) and How I Met Your Mother (I'm now Season 5 no S9 Finale spoilers please or I will rip your legendary parts off loljk) huhu this is not what I actually planned to do :( Oh well. Oh! And I am currently procrastinating over my resume and portfolio for my internship at a Music Festival and there's a 99.9% chance that I won't get accepted but I am sure they won't like my portfolio of nothing but photographs that might not meet their expectations.

In other words, I am a optimistic little shit.

I'm honestly getting fatter but now I'm on the roll for pushing through my "No Rice Diet" thingy because I feel always full lately and I still sometimes eat :( I'm not used in sitting down with a big bag on my stomach. :( I heard it worked for my HS buddy and someone I also knew during my HS days. And they both did that and lose weight on the span of 6 months (One did Jogging for 30 mins and the other went to the gym).

"What is the sorcery of this plan?" I'll give you a simple summary! The rule here is that you can eat lunch and dinner except you have to eat without rice. And if you want stuff like burger, chocolates and others, you can still eat them but on a controlled minimum servings like 1 bar of Snickers a day, for example. And for workouts, you must at least do any physical activity for 30 minutes like a walk, jogging or dancing or simply hitting the gym. For more info go here and here :)

I am starting it right now haha but I only had 2 spoons of rice (thanks, bro!) and tomorrow, I will drink nothing but the lemon water I made :) I heard lemons are great cleansers and detox. So what I simply did is just I sliced 1 lemon and put them in the pitcher, have them in the freezer for overnight and drink them the next day. :)

Not expecting a very high changes in me but I'll do my best. My emotional ramblings will be in the next post but I'll have it only available to my followers <3 ttyl!