Too much.
Tuesday, March 4, 2014 @ 9:44 PM | 0 heart(s)

I am so stressed out. Right now.

Hi. It's been...weeks(?!) since I updated. I am so fucked. And screwed. And tired and srkgbqiu4gtoqi24thoi34tp2;3tln;.4ktnkq34btkqerg idk anymore. I've been focusing on my academics lately and I always, if not often, always forgot to update my blog. Oh well, expect mega post and layout change from me after the finals. :) I have a few yet hectic things to finish before this academic year ends. :( I seriously want a break! I haven't even updated my photographs portfolio tumblr!

I'll call it a semi-hiatus, for now.

Oh well. You can talk to me via twitter! (@11moods) and of course leave me some message in my guestbox!

See you!

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