Hi + Small update
Friday, January 10, 2014 @ 6:54 PM | 1 heart(s)
Hi! It's been a while. I think I enjoyed my Christmas break too much lol. Sorry. Anyway, I'm doing well at school. I'll rant later.

Small updates~
I may blog a lot all thanks to blogger app! lol Meaning, I might post not only one but two or more blog posts in a day! :D So instead of neglecting this blog, I might make it alive again! So great~

Another thing, I might have a kpop con experience post! That's where I'm going to tell the entire story of what happened to me during the historical kpop event in PH :D (Yes, I'm from the Philippines lol), and the stuff i bought! hahahaha!

All right, you little fuckers. Listen.

It's great that you guys did a lot of effort in pushing through with the trip for our Photography class. But come on. Not everyone can go just because how fucking (unexpectedly) expensive it is. And some of their parents won't allow them because it's very far. But then again, the money. We didn't expect it that it cost 1.8k pesos. But we helped in making the trip happen, even if we won't be able to come over. But can ya'll just stop complaining that not even half of the class can go? It's too damn expensive! And it's not even required, for fuck's sake! Ya'll go there for the plate! And for your so-called "bonding time" (which won't turn out well tbh because ya'll still dislike each other)

As for me, I'm not sure. I haven't even received the letter. But come on, stop pushing me to say "Yes", ok? It still depends on what will my mom react on this mess. Bitches. Ya'll panic about this whole thing like you guys ran out of stock on the dress that got a 50% discount off. Just go on collecting the waivers and the medical certificates, give me the goddamn letter, and let my mom do the thinkin'.

(AS OF 6:53PM: Mom didn't allow me to go. :3)
Have fun getting lost, bitches~

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