#SLAYSHIDAE2014 + F21 Playlist + Another Liebster!
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AND SO SNSD DROPPED THE BOMB A FEW MINUTES AGO. Oh my god. Just. Oh. My God. I demand SM to upload the teaser in 1080p ASAP! Kidding. But I am 1000000000% sure their comeback is going to be so badass, they're going to slay kpop charts (Along with, hopefully, 2ne1 and f(x)) AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH I'm so excited!!! Fast forward to 2014, juseyo?
A few hours ago, I went home tired and drained from finishing a section of the yearbook (yes, the yearbook will officially push through!), when my friend Deaz, posted something in my college buddies' Facebook group. And she linked me a playlist of music that was used by every Forever 21 stores out there <3 hahaha! I'm so happy! I finally came into the conclusion that Forever 21 also plays some Indie songs. :D Here's the song where I am now while writing this lol not sure if you heard this song on the radio but i think i know you do, we just don't know the title (it's on playlist mode, btw!)
AAAAAAAaaaannnndddd I got another Liebster again lol. But this time, it's from Sun :)

 Here are the rules for receiving this award: 
  1.  Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
  2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer. 
  3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post. 
  4. Go to their page and tell them. 
  5. No tag backs!
11 Things: (since I forgot to put one OTL):
  1. Pink is my favorite color.
  2. I love each and every great music out there.
  3. Ever since the beginning of the Second Semester, I always bring packed lunch in order for me to save money (with no guilt)
  4. "You're so tall!" is what I always get when I meet up people from the internet.
  5. I'm currently wearing a brace. And it's now on it's 6th month. :) #nopainnogain
  6. My diet ranges from 'Wheat bread diet' to "1/2 cup of rice every lunch/dinner" depending on my hunger. And food.
  7. It's always my habit to have a Lana Del Rey playlist on repeat whenever I go to sleep. And yet idk why I do this.
  8. I have a real fancy for photographs. If you're my blockmate/college buddy, you can see that by me fiddling through my phone, probably editing and having it instagram-ready.
  9. While my forte is photography and web design, I'm weak in drawing. #frustrations
  10. I'm willing to learn video and sound :) And improve my skills in web design, as well.
  11. I have a thing for brands. I really don't know why. I guess it's the ambiance of their store? lol like for instance, here in my country, F21's big wardrobe-like feel. Idk.
Question by Sun!

  1. Can I slap your butt? -Wat
  2. Who is your role model? Why?- Everybody around me. It's probably because they have their own set of experience and I seek their help. 
  3. What would you say to convince people your bias/favorite artist is the best? -By blasting off the artist's signature hit, I guess.
  4. Girlgroups or Boygroups? -Both!
  5. Web or Graphic design? -Both!
  6. Colorful or vintage design? -Both! But I have a thing for flat colors, as well.
  7. Please tell me what are your favorite song, album, artist and rookie (new artist) of 2013. -Song: Work Bitch by Britney | Artist: Lady Gaga | Album: It's a tie between ARTPOP (Lady Gaga) and Pink Tape (f(x)) | Rookie: none?
  8. Who is your favorite writer? And your favorite book? -I don't have one lmfao. As of this moment, Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella
  9. What are the movies you watched and liked in 2013? -Now You See Me (such mindfuckery!) and Catching Fire!
  10. Now you're the President of your country. What are the changes you'd take to make of your country a better place? -I guess the only best way to start is to set a list of things to give improvements then I'll make use of the country's taxes in order to achieve it.
  11. Sun is is my bestfriend. Is Sun your bestfriend? lmfao -everyone is lol
My questions:
1. What is the color of your room?
2. Describe your ideal type.
3. Movie date or Dinner with candle light?
4. Flowers or heart?
5. Favorite movie so far?
6. Do you have any weird sleeping habits? If so, what is?
7. What's your new hobby?
8. You won't go out without your ____?
9. What song made you dance so hard to?
10. Favorite color?
11. What musical instrument are you interested to learn?

Tagging...because it's all up to you guys lmfao ;;;;;

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