My December.
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 @ 4:35 PM | 0 heart(s)
Hello, December. It’s so freaking cold here in Manila, so I guess this means that I won’t be using my air con for the whole December LOL. Time flies by so fast. Really fast. So do the people and the turn of events around me.

1. My friend just suddenly left us. Like literally. We may talk but not with the same happy feeling anymore. And he doesn't even hang out with us. He now hangs out in a different group. Even if we have thought a lot of possibilities about his sudden departure (eg. Him getting angry with me/felt left out with us/or in my opinion, officially a part of a student body party as a candidate), we tried to know at least a little of the reason why he suddenly left. But none, to avail. So we (or maybe, I) have no choice but to give him space he needed. I hope he's fine...but then again, I hope it’s not about him running for the position in the student council. I’ll flip shits when I found out he’s getting the position by following the wrong pattern of a party list. I might talk about this in a different post if there is or there’s no progress about this awkward situation at all.

2. Prelims are coming. And my mind and body is still on semester break mode. Lord, help me. My professor in Business Math sucks. She’s the author of the textbook, and yet she’s a bitch who teaches too damn fast that I can keep it up and all the fuck I do in her class is to be physically present, but all-out sleepy. And her jokes are not helping at all. Ugh, old people sometimes. We all have that one Professor who always tries to ruin our supposed-to-be perfect grades…

3. I heard the news that a guardian of my batch mate from my alma mater decided to have the money of the Yearbook refunded ASAP. I was suddenly upset of the turn of events because we are this close to finish the god damn yearbook that took us almost 2-3 years to finish (take note: majority of the batch didn't even bother to participate in giving out the details we need during pre-graduation). All we really need right now is the number of people in my batch who are still interested in getting a copy of the Yearbook. I fucking cry ugly while working just to get this yearbook done and to be available to everyone, and yet there are some assholes who just don’t give a single shit about this meaningful, High School remembrance at all.

4. I know this is stupid and normal for an average teenager, but I think I’m getting fat again. I noticed this just recently when I was shopping at Forever 21 during the mall’s Thank You Sale. All of the clothes do fit on me, yes, but what kept me bothering a little bit is the 3-dimensional look of my belly all thanks to the cloth of my dress. It gotten worse when I wore the F21 dress at a recent debut I attended. My high school friends noticed it. And my blazer didn’t help at all. And now I have plans to get back to the gym (yes, I go to the gym. And no, I don’t fucking lift. Shut up, Gym Memes FB page fan) and try to even less. I even have a post-it with me to write down all the things I really need to do to seriously look thin. Oh, the effect fashion has on me…

5. I have 6 days left of me being Seventeen. Then I’ll be officially turning 18 years old. I don’t have plans for a debut (because, really, it’s too fucking expensive to have one for someone who majors in Multimedia Arts and is money-conscious lol), but I have a big Korean eat-all-you-can lunch date with my college buddies next week. Also, I’m so fucking excited for EXO’s new song & special/thank you album (oh god the feels) and for Lana Del Rey’s short film “Tropico”, which both are going to be released on December 5 (DOUBLE KILL AND INDIRECT BIRTHDAY GIFTS, I TELL YOU. #fangaying) Oh, and also on December 5, me and my cousin are going to watch Catching Fire! And I’m also excited on the upcoming KPOP Convention 5 that’s going to happen this December 28! Even if it gets negative reactions from attendees because of the ticket prices (yes, there’s tickets. All thanks to Boyfriend, Lunafly, LC9, and A.Cian. #mahpainbecreepin), I’ll still go. #allforthemerch lol and wow omg I didn’t know this part is going to be long omg I’m sorry ;;;;;;

Damn, December really is my month! Oh well, I’ll see you guys later! :) Oh, and I don't think I can change my blog's layout right now. But I'll get the chance. Laters! xx