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Hello. It's 12AM here in my country. And you guys do know the situation in my country, right? Especially in Visayas. Please pray for my fellow countrymen for healing the heartaches and helping them start over. I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who donated anything they can donate to my country, it really means a lot to me. #BangonPilipinas


So I got my ass back to reality as second semester officially started. I have interesting set of professors (and two or three of them are annoying and bitchy and i just want to murder them mentally if I can ugh.) It went great. I'm officially liking 2D Animation right now all because of my professor's teaching techniques. He's not the type who gets all braggy and mean all because he used to be one of the people behind the scenes of Naruto and One Piece (yes, even I was surprised at his background!) He helped me in our recent activity. We are very lucky to have him.

Second great news I got is that my university finally activated their wifi for us to use! HAHA! We can finally access our SNS wherever we go inside the campus. My blockmate and colleague both bought along their laptops in order to download movie torrents, and they are indeed fast! I'm hoping they can let us have access to YouTube and Tumblr as well. <3

If I get lucky, I'll show you guys in the next posts soon on what make up I wore the whole week and how to get it. I don't do beauty tutorials but I believe my simple do is perfect for any day, and for anyone! lol :D For the meantime, here's Lana Del Rey's second teaser of her short film, 'Tropico' (which gave me feels isdjbgsdfbhjk like omg Body Electric putangina release it already lana sjfbsdjfbgkjsdfgsebpr98ty-qwepf sjdfbgsdjfbglk)

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