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It's 9PM in my country. And I'm supposed to do my Math homework or my Advocacy Campaign poster for my Digital Photography class. My current sleepy feeling fucked it all completely.

My productivity drastically changes completely after I enter college. I remember when I was in Elementary and High School, my parents always makes sure to make me finish all of my school works before I do my weekend plans. College is different. Once you get it, you have to meet deadlines, both for your minor and major subjects. Some can be finished in a span of an hour, while some (due to trial and error) tend to make me finish them in a day or two. Oh, well. I can expect this after I graduate. For now, I really need to be productive tomorrow so there'll be no mess in my mind.

Last Monday, me and my college friends went to Caritas Manila to both volunteer and take photos for our plate in Photography. We helped in repackaging and sorting out the goods to distribution to the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. I helped in carrying the sack full of packed goods don't worry though i tagged two of my guy friends along to carry this mess. I learned that helping is not a joke. You need the whole heart in packing up the things these helpless people who are in need. At the end of the day, it's you who is the starting point of your community's improvements and change. #sodeep

Anyhow, that has been a long and tiring day for me. But it's worth it.
I'm just going to let out my feelings here.

Bakit? Akala ko ba ako ang magplano ng gagawin ko sa birthday ko? Pero nung sinabi ko na sa isang lugar kami kakain, at sa araw pa ng walang pasok, ang dami mong shit na sinasabi na "Makasarili ka talaga/Manhid mo/Hindi mo talaga ramdam na may problema tayo sa..." and all. Aber? Kung may problema pala tayo sa pera edi sana you should have told me to not make birthday plans in the fucking first place. Grabe, hiyang hiya naman ako sa'yo. Todo push ka nga diyan sa panay bili ng toy car sa gasolinahan, pero pag birthday ko todo pull ka naman? Yung totoo? Ge. Push mo pa yan! Salamat nalang sa suporta.

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