"Sir, sira po yung system."/"Sir, the system's broken."
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 @ 9:35 PM | 0 heart(s)

What a tiring day.

Guess what time I made to school? 5 AM sharp. I'm glad my mom had the whole heart to drive me to school. I woke up at 3 AM. Yes. That's what I can do just to get a really wonderful schedule for my semester. To get home as early and as safe as I can. Yes. I asked the people I like to fall in line with me in front of the guards, even though it's not even 6 AM yet. I run like a fucking Olympian when we were allowed to enter. We waited for 2 hours for the cursed Plotting Room to open. We became a part of first 10/20, so we fully assured to ourselves that we will get our desired section in a breeze.

The plotting began by having one of my friends plot first. Then to the second friend. Friend 2 was shocked. Why? Because the plot adviser told him that the section that we chose last semester will also be the section that we will going to be in this incoming second semester. And he even stated that it's a part of the "policy". A policy that they only know. Bullshit. So we just go and plot ourselves halfheartedly, then we went out and wait for the rest before we go straight to the Assessment Window , and see everyone in the room not getting the urge to get their own schedules. We are all pissed. We sacrificed our sleep (while some didn't sleep at all) and went to school very early just to get a good schedule, only to find out that there is a "policy". So after all of the heated talks, we finally decided to change our schedule because we haven't even paid for it.

It took us 2 hours just to have our desired section open again and to change. While we they were in the middle of plotting other student's schedules, the school's system + internet seems to get crappy. My other friend bought along her mother and sister with her. So while we were waiting, the mother complained to the head of the college of the way the plotting advisers did to us. In the middle of the wait, I thought that it's only the college's wifi's fault.

So after our short break (because the mother of my friend gave us food which is really thoughtful of them), we go to the Assessment Window, fall in line to where the mother is, and waited for our turn. It was 10 AM while we were waiting, when we slowly began to noticed that the line didn't progressed. Not even a tiny bit. All because of their fucked-up system again. So we decided to get back to school tomorrow, until the security announced that we can pay our tuition and to return to school to get our registration form. Which we complied. It only took us 10-20 mins to go to the other possible nearest branch of a bank and pay our tuition and return to school. We were disappointed when we got back because the system finally fixed and people returned to their lines. But it was a breeze for us since there's a special teller for people who paid the tuition via their bank account. Then I checked my wristwatch and my phone. We are officially enrolled at 1 fucking PM.

Now, with regards to my title...the word system is getting into our minds the whole day. Why? We paid for our expensive tuition every semester, and yet they couldn't even upgrade system in which we can view our grades on line? Plus points for what happened to us. They can't fucking plot our schedule due to the crappy internet? Oh come on! They have our money, why can't they use it to fix the facilities? To be honest, I feel cheated. This is not what it is supposed to be!

Hay. So tiring. Before we go home, we decided to stop by 7-11 and I bought a Korean Banana Milk which I finally one after looking for one for almost 2 years! The milk taste really good and it's really addictive. No wonder this is SHINee's Taemin's favorite drink! Haha! And we decided to go home. Which I decided to eat at a resto near the station that I'm going to be at. The brownies in my tummy were gone after I finally enrolled lol

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