Sunday, October 20, 2013 @ 10:40 PM | 0 heart(s)
One fine afternoon, my mom told me her story about her and her friend talking about debut. Her friend happily announced that her child's debut is going to be at a expensive hotel. When asked where I'm going to held mine, she said that I won't have one.

Which is true.

I may be a party person (#fact), I just don't like the idea of wasting my money in a span of a night on something I would most likely feel awkward about it. It also adds to the fact that we can't afford to have one right now.

When I said that I won't held one, I seriously mean it. I wish to but...nah. Wrong timing, I guess.

And now I got the invitation (from the fake debutante herself). The only thing I'm going to wait for is the day she'll want my confirmation of my attendance. Which I won't be going. Mainly for 5 reasons:

1. I have NSTP on that day.
2. I can't go there smelling like absolute shit (ha ha. fuck you, red shirt)
3. I don't have time to fix myself, asap.
4. I'm so not in the mood to spend money on another formal attire. And lastly:
5. I don't want to.

Nakakatamad. Sorry, can't help being mean.

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