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Name: Sanesational
Blog Provider:
Owner: Michy
Created October 20, 2013
Sanesational is created by Michy for her to post something anything she wants to say since she thinks that people found her annoying when she expresses her views via SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, and the like. As for the name of her blog, she doesn't know where did she get it but it instantly clicked in her head. But after creating the blog, reflecting in one of her nights, and receiving a hate message in her (about why does she even have to say in her Facebook about her uni's crappy enrollment system which is absolutely true, why does she even bother to continue to study there and was also told that she should 'think before you click, young girl') which she luckily deleted it before shit gets real, she believed that her not-that-sensational posts gets people around her give insane thoughts about her.

I began blogging when I was in Grade 6, March 2007. Then I took blogging very seriously when I was a freshman, somewhat between January to March 2008. I ran multiple blogs (such as,, among the rest) before but I always ended up neglecting it due to the lost time. I took a blogging hiatus last 2010 then I open a tumblr account (but I don't blog there. Just posting some fandom edits and reblog). It became like this until 2013. It hit her during her semester break during that one of her college friends decided to own a blog as well, and this started her return to the blogging scene.